This can also be call Prescribed Burning or Controlled Burning, by what ever name you call it, it is the process of removing unwanted fuel by the means of fire.   This removal can be for many reasons. BCWF conducts an average of 5000 acres of prescribed fire a year.  There are many reasons to re-introduce fire into a natural ecosystem and Badger Creek Wildfire can 
help with: 

  • Habitat Improvement
  • Fuel Reduction
  • AG & Property Development
  • Removal of Non-Native Growth


  • North Dakota Game & Fish 
  • US Army Corps of Engineers 
  • MT Fish Wildlife & Parks 
  • University of ND Grand Forks
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service 

We have been assisting several of our clients for numerous years.  We are always willing to look at new opportunities that become available.  We have several programs that we are very happy to be a part of, these are a notable few:

  • PLOTS & WMA Program (ND G&F)
  • Oakville Prairie (UND)
  • Vector Control (Insect control using Fire)

These programs are very important projects that involve bettering the Public's access to land, while at the same time improving wildlife and native plant habitat.  We take our Prescribed Fire Program very seriously and believe in what we are doing.  We have a few items that come first before any project will be considered

  • Safety (Can it be done without any undue risk)
  • Reason (Why does this project need to be done)
  • Public (Again safety and notification factors)
  • Risk (Fire if used properly is a safe effective tool, but with that comes risk that have to be met)  

   If you have any needs please contact us and we will be happy to look at what your needs are.  We offer Free Estimates, however we will charge a fuel fee & overnight accommodations if needed, to come evaluate your prescribed burn or fuel reduction project, if contracted the review fee is waived.  
                                     The estimate is still FREE Please give us a call.  406-774-3034.

BCWF operates under a Federal Best Value Contract.  This allows us to operate across the United States.  We have had assignments in the Red Woods of California during the historic 2008 Lightning Fires,  the Missouri Breaks of Montana,  in the Cave Hills of South Dakota, and many other locales through out the US.  We work for many agencies however the most common are:

  • Bureau of Land Management (DOI)
  • US Forest Service  (USDA)
  • US Fish & Wildlife Service (DOI)
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs  (DOI)
  • National Park Service (DOI)

     We strive to provide the  most highly trained crew, best equipment and the most professional organization for our customers.  We take pride in what we do and will continue to provide the best service we can.  
     Crew equipment & training is always being updating to provide the best available, we feel that a well trained crew can only operate safely if given the right protection and equipment.
Contact Us

Badger Creek Wildfire,  14173 County Rd 314 , Poplar, MT  59255     (406)-774-3034 
Badger Creek Wildfire provides professionals consultations to help with land management, wildfire prevention, defendable space.  With theses consultations we will:
  • Review the entire property and conduct Wildfire Threat, Prescribed Fire and Defendable Space Assessments.
  • Discuss projects that will improve the area
  • Implement a program of Fuel Reduction, Prescribed Fire, Fire Line Construction that is specific to your needs
  • The programs can be implemented on a 1-10yr plan
  • Prescribed Fire Management Plans (risk, objectives, cost, and implementation guidelines)

If you have any property that you would like reviewed please call 406-774-3034 we will be more than happy to discuss options with you.
BC Rx2, UND Oakville Rx 2014
Ash Creek Fire blow up 2012
Ignitions on DU Coteau Ranch Rx
Lagoon Marsh Rx conducted for US Army Corps of Engineers
E1 Rangeland Fire 2014, Richland Co. MT